Student Government Association

There are a variety of student organizations that reflect the diverse interests of the campus. There are many opportunities for all students interested in expanding their social, professional and academic development.

Currently, there are approximately 30 student organizations operating on campus. These student organizations are classified under six categories: Academic, Business, Special Interest, Religions, Honorary and Greek letter organizations. The Office of Student Life and Develoment in conjunction with the Student Governement Associations Interorganization Committee monitors the recognized student organizations activities.

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body by serving as the liaison between the students and the administration. The SGA, faculty and staff share the responsibility of making decisions that affect campus life. The SGA has an Executive and Legislative board.

The SGA seeks to maintain a spirit of cooperation in the activities of the University and encourages student initiative through service. The SGA also oversees many student activities and serves as an advisory body in many areas of the University.

The SGA office is located on the 1st floor of the Norman E. Ward, Sr. University Center. Responsibilities of the SGA and information concerning student participation in the various phases of self-governance are detailed in the Student Handbook.

SGA is overseen by the Office of Student Life & Development. Students are encouraged to seek membership and actively participate in student organizations at Central State. These student organizations enhance the campus community and provide students with the opportunity to develop responsibility and leadership outside the classroom.

Complete information concerning these student organizations is available in the Student Handbook.

For additional information contact the Office of Student Life and Development at (937) 376-6035 or the Student Government Association Office at (937) 376- 6443.


Executive Board

The Executive Branch of the Student Government Association consists of the Student Government Association President, Vice President, Finance Board Chair, Chief Justice, Public Relations Board Chair, Mr. Central State University, Miss Central State Univeristy and the Student Trustee(s).

The Executive Board serves as a selective sounding board for the introduction of new policies and programs and serves as a communication network to the Student Governement Association. The Executive Boeard acts in the best interest of the Student Governement Association when the Student Governement Association is not in session.


Executive Board Members 2013-2014

Bianca Edwards - President

Nasreen Rozier - Vice President

Chidiobi Nwagu - Executive Secretary

Theresa Bonner - Finance Chair

Courtland Love - Chief Justice

Courtni Minor - Public Relations Chair

Alfred Harper - Student Trustee

Austin Moses - Student Trustee



Legislative Board

The Legislative Branch of the Student Governement Association consists of the Student Senate. The Senate consists of ten student senators. Each senator's duty includes participation in one standing committee of Student Government Association and is required to work on at least three action reports per month, or as issued to them by the Student Government Association President or Vice President.

The Class President serves as an elected representative of their respective classes in the Student Government Association. They communicate the concerns of their class to the Student Government Association. The Class President should should act in the best interest of the Student Government Association and the class that they represent.

Student Trustees serve as the Central State University student representative to the university Board of Trustess. Student Trustees are required to make one monthly report to the Student Governement Association on Board of Trustee matters.


Legislative Board Members 2013-2014

Zuriel Clark - NPHC Senator

Sarah Gibson - Student Activities Senator

Chellvie Brooks - Service Learning Senator

Jasmine Garner - IOC Senator

Lamarr Cole - Student Affairs Senator

Alexa Turner - Residence Life Senator

Iris Warren - Athletic Health and Wellness Senator

Everette Johnson Jr. - Academic Affairs Senator

Norman Houston Jr. - Commuter Senator

Cydni Brown - Multicultural Affairs Senator



Class Presidents 2013-2014

Samantha Trotter - Senior Class

Dymon Whatley - Junior Class

Kyree Rollins - Sophomore Class

D'onna Brown - Freshmen Class

To contact any member of the Executive or Legislative Board please call the Student Governement Association Office at (937) 376-6443.