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All student organizations who seeks to host an event on campus, must submit a Central State University Conference and Event Services Application (requisition form). This form can be found below but can also be accessed through students logging into their MyCSU. All requisition forms must be submitted two weeks prior to the requested event date, except large scale events (100+ attendees) must be submitted at least 30 days from the event date.

To submit a requisition for approval, please follow the steps below. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Student Life and Development.

Before submitting a requisition form, please be sure that your computer has Adobe Reader downloaded. The completion of this form will not work with any other software or Mac.

Steps to submit a requisition form:

  1. Download the University Conference and Event Services Application
  2. Thoroughly complete the application – any incomplete applications will be returned for completion
  3. Be sure to sign the requisition using an electronic signature – this should be a time and date stamped signature.
  4. Submit the requisition form electronically to your advisor. All student organizations must have an advisor’s signature for on campus events.
  5. Once your advisor has signed, please have them email the requisition form to the Office of Student Life and Development for review and approval. All requisition forms are to be submitted to
  6. Once SLD approves the requisition form, the office will acquire signatures from the building manager, Police and Safety, and Facilities. Once all signatures are acquired, we will email the student and the advisor a copy of the completely signed requisition form.
  7. And you’re all set to market and host your event!

If you are seeking to host events in the Natatorium Swimming Pool, an Application for Use of Natatorium Swimming Pool must accompany your requisition form. This can be found below.

Note: All outside vendors, organizations, or guests seeking to utilize a facility at Central State University, please contact Conference Services at for more information.