Student Health Insurance

The Student Health Care Plan is available to all University students that buy into this insurance. The health insurance plan is mandatory for all full-time students, taking 12 or more credit hours. Part-time students (with less than 12 credit hours) may purchase the health insurance plan. The purpose of this coverage is to provide convenient medical treatment here on the Campus.

The Health Care Plan will also pay for a percentage of referrals made to local providers in the area, including needed ER visits if the need has been determined by a provider at the Student Health Service (SHS) Clinic. As is routine with group insurance coverage, this plan does not pay 100% and the student must assume the responsibility for payment of any remaining balance.

You must be seen at the clinic first to determine if a referral is needed, including ER visits. Unauthorized visits are reviewed by the Medical Director, and those found to be unjustified are the student's responsibility. Charges for an unauthorized visit may (1) not be honored by the Student Medical Plan; (2) be charged to the student; or (3) be charged to the parent. If there is a true emergency and the Student Health Center is closed, at least partial payments of Emergency visits will be considered. For emergency medical situations during the clinic's non-operating hours, the ambulance must be dispatched through Greene County Central Communication 911 system.

Students planning to reside in on-campus reasidence facilities must complete the Student Immunization and Medical History Form, available on the Student Health services website under 'Important Forms and Notices." Any chronic or preexiasting diseases need to be handled by your Primary Care Provider. The Student Health Clinic on campus has been set-up to cover acute problems, and to deliver health education. It is very important that you pick up a Central State University Student Health Plan booklet at the Student Health Center, if you don't already have one.  Please read and keep this booklet . The booklet provides information on what services are and are not covered. Examples of provided services include: PAP smears, sexually transmitted disease screening, pregnancy testing, birth control, acute illnesses and injuries, rashes, asthma flair-ups, education, and delivering health advice. Examples of services not provided include monitoring of high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma maintenance medications, and physicals (other than University required). If you have any questions about Health Care Coverage, you can call us at 376-6075 or e-mail us (see questions and answers on this web site).