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About Us

The Office of Student Leadership and Development is committed to providing an exceptional co-curricular experience from orientation through graduation supportive of the academic program, and reflective of our core values of honesty, hard work, caring and excellence. The Office of Student Leadership and Development services students with various abilities from different ethnic, cultural, social, economic, religious, gendered and political backgrounds.

At the heart of Student Leadership and Development is The Lionel H. Newsom Student Leadership Institute. The institute avails Central State University an opportunity to take positive action to prepare graduates for lifelong commitments of citizenship, leadership and cooperation. Components of the Leadership Institute include Training Modules, Active Citizenship, and University and Community Service. Students who successfully complete leadership programming receive a Student Leadership and Development Transcript validating their participation in and commitments to the institute and community.

The Office of Student Leadership and Development encourages students to work closely with faculty, administration, staff and other community members on a number of issues and projects. This participatory approach allows for multiple enhanced services to the entire campus community.

The Office of Student Leadership and Development personnel strive to create a sense of unity and identity among students at Central State University. By way of professional associations related to student leadership and development, the staff stays abreast of current trends, literature and events which allows for successful design and implementation of new ideas on the Central State campus.


Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the general welfare of the student body and provide programs and activities that are of interest to all regardless of race, color, sex, creed, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.

The SGA is diligent in solving issues that each student has and is responsible for promoting campus life and furthering the interest of the student body. SGA encourages students to develop leadership skills and exemplify qualities of responsible citizens. SGA also works with other bodies to achieve the mission and purpose of the University. SGA is a median of student participation and cooperation between faculty, staff, and administration.

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